Grace Products
Grace Products is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, focused in silica and silica alumina technology. Grace Products produces wide spectrum of products, based primarily on synthetic amorphous silica gel, colloidal and precipitated silicas, zeolites and chromatographic materials. The main focus industries for Grace Products are paints & coatings, flooring, printing inks and etc.

Matting Agents

  • SYLOID is well defined, highly porous, synthetic amorphous silica of High purity. This product is non-toxic and do not cause fibrosis.
  • Commonly use as matting agent in wood coatings, coil coatings, industrial coatings, printing inks, automotive paints and etc.

Anti-corrosion Pigments

  • SHIELDEX pigments are based on ion-exchanged synthetic amorphous silica and were developed as replacement for toxic anti-corrosive pigments like red lead, zinc chromate or strontium chromate. Shieldex also an alternative to heavy metal containing zinc phosphate based pigments.
  • Commonly use in protective coatings, marine coatings, marine paints and etc.

Molecular Sieve Powder

  • SYLOSIV powder is a white, free-flowing micronized zeolite molecular sieve powder having high absorption capacity for liquids and vapours, e.g. for water.
  • Commonly use in flooring and adhesives.

Colloidal Silica

  • LUDOX is aqueous dispersions of very small silica particles in the low nanometer size range. Colloidal silica particles are roughly spherical, non-porous and dispersed in water. They have a dense silica core and a surface covered by silanol (Si-OH) group; which the silanol group interact strongly with metal substrate, metal oxides, and polymeric and latex binders. These interactions result in strong binding properties to various substrates by giving higher strength and durability.
  • Commonly use in anticorrosion coating, architectural paint, Zinc-rich primer, ceramic coating and etc.

Titanium Dioxide Extenders

  • SYLOWHITE SM 405 is a precipitated amorphous sodium aluminium magnesium silicate with a very fine particle size and free flowing powder. Sylowhite has high level of purity which results in minimum effects on colours and enhances brightness properties.
  • High quality waterborne and solventborne coating system.